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CLADDINGS and Entrapped Moisture Lessons learned from early EIFS by John Koester All images courtesy Masonry Technology Inc. WHILE SOME BUILDING SCIENCE CONCEPTS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO GRASP, THERE IS NOTHING NEW OR COMPLEX ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TEMPERATURE AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENT. THE PHRASES ‘WET AND COLD’ OR ‘WARM AND DRY’ ARE INGRAINED IN THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC FOR GOOD REASON. The law of physics dominating this phenomenon is thermal conductivity. Dense materials transmit temperature more efficiently than less dense ones because the molecules are closer together. Water is denser than air and transmits temperature 25 times more efficiently. When a person is wet, the ambient air temperature can be received more readily and the body loses temperature to the surrounding ambient air more easily if the latter is colder. A practical example can be found in the 68 the construction specifier | september 2013 CS_September2013.indd 68 8/14/13 8:59:11 AM