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Brenda Burns

Sales Manager, Construction Canada
Advertising Account Manager, Veterinary Practice News
There are a number of things I look forward to at work. First of all, I value the environment of teamwork where we all really do work together whether it is on a new endeavour or regarding a monthly edition of a publication, everyone supports each other. I also look forward to each day as one day is never the same as the next, new challenges and new rewards come up all the time which keeps it interesting.

Kenilworth is a great place to work, very positive and forward thinking. I would describe Kenilworth as a company that provides an enthusiastic work environment and encourages innovation and creative thinking for the future.

Jane Stein

Advertising Account Manager, Construction Specifier

As a new employee that had to train remotely due to COVID restrictions, I was very impressed with the amount of support offerered by the leadership team and my new direct colleauges. Kenilworth has a culture that is “team” oriented, and that is something that has always appealed to me in the workplace. Being virtual could have made the onboarding experience isolating. I immediately felt I was a valued member of the team.

At Kenilworth, expectations are never vague. Employees know what is expected of them and they are supported along the way to meet those expectations. Creative solutions are always available if challenges are met along the way. Management makes it clear that they while the success of the company is first priority, success felt by each individual is of utmost importance.

I appreciate that Kenilworth has systems in place to support sales along the way. There is a clear directive of what needs to be accomplished and there is not time wasted trying to navigate through unnessary agendas or reports. Efficiency is key in sales, and Kenilworth makes that a priority.

If you are a seasoned sales professional—you have experienced a “micro-manager” along the way. Kenilworth employs people that have integrity, passion, appreciation and talent. They don’t waste your time with projects/reports/conversations that don’t result in dollars.

I’m proud to be a part of the Kenilworth team, and I’m excited to see how I can grow within the company!

Jason Cramp

Executive Editor, The Construction Group

Kenilworth is a highly structured organization with strong leadership and a systematic approach to thoroughness and excellence. I enjoy the challenge my position affords me along with the ability to work with a great team of like-minded colleagues and various industry experts, as I apply my editorial skills to produce premium content for readers across various industries.

Over the 13 years I’ve been with Kenilworth, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my knowledge base through continuing education programs and achieve professional advancement within the company.

Ashley Ward

Content and Event Coordinator

I really like that I get to work on different projects at Kenilworth! My days aren’t always the same and that is inspiring and challenging. Knowing that I can contribute in different ways and also add to my toolkit of skills is rewarding. Also, knowing that I can contribute to Kenilworth beyond my job title is very satisfying.

The support and encouragement to present ideas and that those ideas will be listened to, digested and action plans put behind them is very reassuring.