Custom Publishing





At Kenilworth, we follow a basic, successful format for publishing quality magazines:
Ensure the editorial content meets the needs of the readers. Package that content in an appealing and easily readable format. Qualify the circulation to guarantee a targeted readership receives the magazine, and then market this quality publication to maximize advertiser investment.

Stop Re-inventing the Wheel
Our experienced editorial and graphic design professionals handle all the headaches. Your time is free for other activities — reducing overhead and enhancing staff productivity.

Lower Production Costs
We have the necessary resources to minimize costs at all stages of production. Our experience, industry contacts, and buying power ensures the best possible price. We pass the savings on to you.

Increase Advertising Revenue
Our professional sales representatives have a proven record in delivering sales growth.

End with a High Quality Product
A professional publication enhances your organization’s image and facilitates communication with existing and potential members.Your magazine must mirror the stature and professionalism of your organization. As many of our clients can attest, the benefits are considerable.

How do we work with potential clients?
We analyse your current publishing operation and then provide recommendations in such areas as:

  • Publishing scope and objectives
  • Circulation and readership
  • Editorial content and format
  • Member and freelance contributions
  • Style and graphic treatment
  • Size and frequency
  • Advertising potential
  • Scheduling, printing, and distribution