We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best digital options for your marketing programs. These online High Impact ad units produce superior results than standard ad sizes, providing you with:

• larger, interactive image area

• a more dynamic viewer experience

• stronger engagement

• higher brand interaction

• MORE clicks

1. Expandable Leaderboard

Desktop: 728px by 90px*, 728px by 315px (expanded)

Mobile: 300px by 50px*, 300px by 250px (expanded)

Rate: $2,445/month

2. Expandable Big Box

Desktop: 300px by 250px*, 300px by 600px (expanded)

Mobile: No additional material needed

Rate: $1,835/month

3. Wallpaper

Desktop: 1920px by 1080px, 200px by 625px left and right side bar live areas

Mobile: 320px by 50px

Rate: $3,810/month

Click images to view interactive sample.


• Maximum file size: 72 dpi, RGB

• Accepted formats: GIF, JPEG, and third-party tags

• Advertiser to provide URL

**Each E-book is exclusive to one advertiser and subject to availability.