BAUCO® custom access panels
BAUCO® access panels and grilles are available in many standard sizes, yet 50% of orders include customized panels. Project managers choose options such as width and length (6” – 120”), No. of segments, type and gauge of inlay, latch and lock options, factory-finishes, or filter attachments (grilles). The average production leadtime is 4 days (2019) and we provide delivery logistics right to your jobsite. Our personal service and project-specific solutions frequently result in outstanding testimonials.
BAUCO® solutions minimize the disruption of your finishes. Manufacturing in North America, since 1995.
Commercial Shading and Sun Control Experts
Skyco Shading Systems fabricates manual and motorized custom roller shades and window coverings for both interior and exterior sun control. We are experts in automation, sun tracking, and energy management for projects in hospitality, healthcare, commercial, and education facilities. Skyco offers a large selection of fabrics for performance, comfort, and privacy. We can customize components to offer innovative answers and value engineer solutions to stay competitive. Skyco delivers the technology required for LEED goals like daylighting, thermal comfort, and enhancing views through glare control. Skyco also provides both fabric and louvered roof pergolas and structures for outdoor living and workspaces.
rFOIL Roof Underlayment 2200 Series
rFOIL Reflective Insulation is a patent technology designed to reduce radiant heat gain and/or loss and control condensation in all metal and metal–clad roof applications. rFOIL works by reflecting as much as 96% of the radiant energy back away from its surface. It can cut energy costs in air-conditioned housing, as well as create an effective “shade” in non-cooled outbuildings, garages, porches, and utility buildings.
rFOIL 2200 Series is a layer of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between a radiant metalized foil and a white polyethylene sheet. It can be taped to purlins, stapled to rafters or studs, rolled out onto roof decking or existing shingles prior to installation of metal roofing.
The Construction Specifier
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