Jewellery Business

Jewellery Business Profiles are an exciting way to reach the jewellery industry across Canada with your company’s message. They enable you to tell the industry about your company, what makes it unique and why they should do business with you.

Jewellery Business Profiles are hosted in a special section on our website and distributed to the 7,500* jewellery industry professionals you need to reach. We supply you with a lead report of who clicked on your profile!

1. E-broadcast X

2. Profiles section X

3. Profile page X


Rate: $700

Add rich media for an additional $300 (e.g. videos, interactivity, brochures, infographics)

*Data Source: Publisher’s own data
**Content is subject to review and may be edited for length, clarity and style.


• 5-8 word headline

• Up to 300 word profile**

• 50-word summary text** (for e-broadcast)

• 1-2 images for web profile

• 1 featured image for e-broadcast (300 x 150 px)

• Company logo