Pools & Patios

Are you a pool/hot tub builder, retailer or landscape professional?

The Service Finder is Canada’s only comprehensive guide aimed at helping consumers find a pool or landscape service professional in their area. Published in the print edition of Pools & Patios as well as online via a search-optimized portal, the Service Finder will jump start your season, generating quality leads and boosting sales throughout the year.

Regional Listing: $99/year (i.e. Ontario, Quebec, Prairies, British Columbia or Atlantic Canada)

National listing: $395/year (SAVE 20%)

Enhanced regional listing: $579/year

Enhanced national listing: $1,995/year (SAVE 30%)

Click images to view interactive sample.

Additional Exposure:

Buy both a Service Finder listing and a Sensual Appeal profile to get a thumbnail of your profile image featured on the Service Finder page of poolspatios.com. Your listing will also contain a link to the digitized version of your project. That’s quadruple the exposure!