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Charges are for advertising space only. If applicable, taxes, bank fees (for wire transfers), production charges, or any other sundry cost incurred will be added to the advertising rate.

Cancellation of display advertisements must be provided in writing at least 5 days prior to the posting date. After this time they are non-cancellable. Sponsored newsletters and e-broadcast dates are exclusive to one advertiser and thus are non-cancellable at any time.

CONTRACT GUARANTEES: Ad rates are protected on the basis of the rate card in force on the date of first insertion and for a period of 12 months following.

The publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement”, “branded” or “sponsored” with copy which, in our opinion, resembles editorial content.

Advertisement size may not be changed after posting date. The publisher requests that electronic files be submitted in an approved format. All extra work/material required to make artwork suitable for posting is chargeable at current production rates.

All changes to the supplied advertising material must be provided in writing and 5 business days prior to the posting date.

Advertisers and/or agencies are responsible for all collection fees and/or legal fees should advertiser and/or agency default in payment of advertising bills. Advertiser will be held responsible for total due amount should agency default on a payment.

PROTECTIVE CLAUSE: Kenilworth Media Inc. reserves the right to alter or reject any copy which it feels is not in keeping with publication standards. Advertisers and/or their agencies assume responsibility for any and all claims arising therefrom made against the publisher, and agree to hold the company harmless.

PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30 days from date of invoice. 2% per month finance charges on past due balances. Advertisements originating outside of the U.S. or Canada must be prepaid. Extension of credit is subject to the approval of the credit department. First-time advertisers will be required to provide credit information or prepayment due no later than 5 business days prior to the posting date.

Kenilworth Media Inc. is a member of EQUIFAX Credit Services. All information about receivables is recorded in the international credit files.