With the launch of its “1-Minute Franchise Finder,” Kenilworth Media Inc., of Richmond Hill, Ont., becomes one of the first publishers in Canada to bring Next Generation Rich Internet technology to the forefront of magazine Web design. A patent is pending.

“This is the world’s first, all-inclusive database of franchises available for sale (and re-sale),” explains Kenilworth president Ellen Kral. “The 1-Minute Franchise Finder allow users to search from a wide variety of data fields and ‘drill down’ for specific information at high speed.

The use of next generation search functions makes the design and functionality of the site fast, intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Kral adds the functionality associated with the technology behind the 1-Minute Franchise Finder can help publishers strengthen the relationship between a magazine and its website—offering readers improved interactivity between the two mediums—and opening the door for alternative revenue streams.

Kral suggests publishers can leverage the versatility of the technology to not only sell banner ads, but other services like preferred listings, pay-per-lead options, end-user fees and subscriptions.

About the 1-Minute Franchise Finder

The 1-Minute Franchise Finder (www.1minutefranchisefinder.com) is part of the Canadian Business Franchise group of publications, which includes a bi-monthly magazine, an annual Directory, and a franchising Handbook. Kenilworth publishes eight different magazines in both the consumer and trade markets in Canada and the U.S., serving sectors such as jewellery, government, sciences, turf, signage, and construction.