Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News Veterinary Practice News is dedicated to informing U.S. veterinarians about industry trends, best practices and new products as it relates to practice management, small animal and equine care, Veterinary Practice News is a BPA Worldwide audited publication, reaching 57,000 practicing veterinarians, technicians, managers and others allied to the animal health care field.

Frequency: 12 issues per year

Veterinary Practice News Canada

Veterinary Practice News Canada

Veterinary Practice News Canada, is a companion publication to Veterinary Practice News created exclusively for the Canadian market. Building on Veterinary Practice News’s 30-plus years of experience and its reputation as the most widely read and respected magazine in the U.S. market, Veterinary Practice News Canada has unique content in every issue serving the needs of the Canadian veterinary community. Our in-depth and engaging editorial focuses on topics such as practice management, product innovations, and medical marvels, to name a few. Veterinary Practice News Canada is distributed to over 6,500 practices across the country, many with multiple veterinarians in each practice. This gives Veterinary Practice News Canada the greatest market penetration of any other Canadian veterinary publication.

Frequency: 4 issues per year

Vet Med Team


VetMedTeam was born at the 1999 North American Veterinary Conference. Its existence is due to a core belief that every position in the practice is vital to excellent medical care. Each team member needs access to continuing education to reach full potential. Our team, both the admin group and all our instructors, strongly believes in the value of each and every member to the delivery of veterinary medicine. We hope that you will invest in your career.


VetCE Veterinary

Practice News (VPN) has been dedicated to informing veterinarians about best practices, new products and industry trends for over 30 years. Our publication reaches 57,000 subscribers and provides the latest information on veterinary medicine, practice management, small animal, equine care, technology and more to veterinarians, technicians, managers and many others who represent the veterinary industry.

Veterinary Professionals' Next Gen

Veterinary Professionals Next Gen

Veterinary Professionals’ NextGen is a website created for students and emerging veterinary professionals who are interested in learning about the industry, gaining advice on how to grow a career, and connecting with each other.


VPN Plus+

VPN Plus+ is our premier subscription site that allows veterinary professionals to take a deep dive into the issues that matter most to the profession. In-depth articles, video interviews with noted experts, and video clips of surgery procedures provide engaging content that is guaranteed to education and inform.

What’s more, members receive VIP discounts to VetCE virtual and in-person events, plus special rates on VetMedTeam RACE-approved interactive courses (for both vet and tech levels), and so much more.