Diamonds may well be a girl’s best friend, but it’s a dream few will ever realize without the guidance and support of jewellery retailers. And retailers need to know the latest products, designs and trends if they are to put that sparkle in their clients’ eyes. Enter Jewellery Business, Canada’s newest voice of the Canadian jewellery retailer.

Published six times a year, Jewellery Business is the latest publication from Kenilworth Media Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario. While the primary focus of the magazine is to provide in-depth commentary and critical analysis on issues affecting the Canadian retail jeweller, Jewellery Business goes even further by taking readers on a behind-the-scenes look at the processes that drive the industry.

“We have assembled a team of leading jewellery experts whose breadth of experience will ensure our editorial is not only timely, trusted and topical, but truly speaks to the specific needs of this diverse industry,” said Kenilworth president Ellen Kral.

The first issue of Jewellery Business debuted at Jewellery World Expo in August 2005, in Toronto.