Privacy Policy

Accessibility Statement

Kenilworth’s accessible customer service standards are available upon request. Please reply to to receive a current copy of our standards.


Privacy Policy

Kenilworth is dedicated to ensuring the personal information under our care and control is managed in a responsible manner.  Kenilworth regards information gathered in the course of producing and distributing our magazines and electronic newsletters (e-newsletters), and in the administration of our websites, as proprietary. Therefore, unless you authorize us to do otherwise (for example in the case of full-disclosed lead generation campaigns for suppliers or services relevant to your business), we will not share such information with companies other than those required to ensure the timely and accurate distribution of those magazines, e-newsletters and/or additional information that we feel may be of interest to our readers. We are committed to the following principles:

I. Accountability

The Director of Finance & Operations is the designated Privacy Officer for Kenilworth. He is responsible for ensuring the principles of this policy are adhered to. You may contact him at with any questions regarding this policy. 

II. Purpose of Data Collection

Kenilworth requests a limited amount of information from its subscribers and/or registered website users (users). This data may include name, title/position, business name and address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website address (where applicable). This is for the purpose of managing our circulation databases in order to facilitate the mailing of the magazines to subscribers and/or users and/or to allow them to participate in various website offerings (including contests and/or surveys).

We also use subscriber/user e-mail addresses to send e-newsletters and/or additional information to our readers that we feel may be of interest to them. In these cases the list is only released to a reputable third party service bureau for the purpose of sending a specific broadcast. If you wish to no longer receive a certain type of e-mail correspondence you may unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link directly in the e-mail communication itself, by visiting our unsubscribe page or by contacting our Circulation Department at or calling 800-409-8688.

In addition, we may ask for more detailed information regarding a subscriber’s/user’s interests, occupation, and what types of goods or services the subscriber’s/user’s company sells or buys. This information is collected for the following purposes:
a) To determine if the person supplying the information qualifies for a controlled (free) subscription to a magazine (based upon professional services or industry affiliation).
b) To help target editorial content for the reader’s benefit.
c) To advise advertisers and potential advertisers of the type of readers so that they may include goods and services in their advertisements that are of interest to them.
d) To better understand reader’s needs and preferences.
e) To organize and administer contests and/or surveys.

Any information provided to editorial staff and/or advertisers/potential advertisers about subscriber/user interests, occupations, and the types of goods and services their company sells or buys is in no way linked to individual subscribers. It is supplied only in aggregate as numerical percentage data.

III. Cookies and similar technologies

When you visit one of our websites, we collect information about the services you use and how you use them, like how view and interact advertisements and content. We may use a browser feature called a ‘cookie’ to collect non-personal information about your browsing behavior such as the duration of your visit to our website, the number of pages you visit, the type of browser you use, the device you use (if on a mobile device this may include the hardware model, operating system version and unique device identifiers), the number of visits and your IP address (which does not reveal your identity). We may also use a Google advertising cookie to collect demographic information such as age and gender and /or interest categories. All of this information is viewed in aggregate and is not linked to specific individual users. It is used only to improve website experience and provide editorial content and advertising offers which are of more relevant and of greater interest to our readers. We do not know who you are until you choose to log in and provide us with personal information.

Cookies can be managed by installing a third party program (for example Google’s opt-out browser add-on or by configuring your web browser. You can delete or disable cookies by modifying your settings (most web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies). If you decide to disable cookies on our websites, you may not be able to use all of the website features.

IV. Event Logs

In addition when you view an ad on some of our websites, some additional information may be collected by our ad serving partners and stored surrounding that event, including:

  • URL and query parameters
  • Advertising information
  • Winning partner
  • Bid Price
  • Advertiser
  • Deal ID
  • Additional segment and targeting data

The event logs are used by these partners to analyze data, input the data into machine learning algorithms to optimize auction parameters (no optimization or analysis is done at partner ID or IP address level), fraud detection and avoidance and internal debugging. By ingesting and processing the event logs ad impressions are created which are used to report advertising impressions to our advertisers. Event logs are retained for 12 months, after which they are deleted and access is restricted to employees who require access. Ad impressions are retained for the lifetime of our relationship with the partner. In both cases pseudonymized personal data is recorded, and personally identifiable information is not passed on to these partners.

V. Consent

Prior to beginning a subscription to any of Kenilworth’s publications, consent to receive the magazine is obtained from the subscriber through the completion of a subscription form (including signature) or through an online form on the Kenilworth website (checking off the consent box is the equivalent of a signature).

VI. Limiting Collection

Any additional data that is collected (i.e. payment information) is stored in a secure database with access restricted to authorized personnel only. At no time is subscriber/user information ever shared, be it person or company, outside of its original purpose, which is to complete the magazine subscription transaction and/or distribution of e-newsletters and additional information we feel may be of interest to our readers, unless specifically authorized by the individual.

VII. Use, Disclosure, Retention

Kenilworth’s collection of information is limited to that necessary for magazine subscriptions, e-newsletters and website administration. All data is kept in accordance with BPA audit requirements for the duration of 3 years, or until it is renewed.

Kenilworth does not sell, rent or share its mailing list or any other collected information with outside companies other than with a bonded mailing or fulfillment house who has signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and/or a reputable third party service bureau (in the case of sending e-mails), for the sole purpose of mailing the magazine, sending e-newsletters and/or distributing additional information we feel may be of interest to our readers, unless you authorize us to do otherwise. For example, we may disclose your information in part to contracted third parties as part of fully-disclosed lead generation campaigns for suppliers or services relevant to your business, if you authorize us to do so.