Sponsored Content

Included with your purchase of a half page or larger ad in the March and December issues, Sponsored Content is your opportunity to tell our readers more about yourself in an editorialized spot next to your ad!

Full page:
• 700 words or 500 words with 1-2 photos
• $3,730 value! X

Half page:
• 350 words, no photos
• $2,515 value! X

Third page (with purchase of 2/3 page ad):
• 225 words, no photos
• $2,195 value! X

*Data source: BPA June 2021 audited statement


• Maximum 50 characters


• Name and title of contact for sports event planners

• Company Name

• Regular and toll-free phone numbers

• E-mail

• Website & URL

• Headshot (high res. 300 dpi)

• Up to 40 words of copy. Tell us...What makes you and/or your organization different from your competition? Include a bio, sales message, or fun fact.


• Minimum 5” wide @300 dpi

• Photo cutline/description of photo.

Destination Spotlight

As part of our State Guides, you can have your destination featured in a full-page Destination Spotlight. This content piece lets you really showcase what you can offer planners using your own photography and copy!

Rate: $4,290

Material Requirements:

Cover Photo
 - 7” wide @300 dpi

 - Maximum of 50 words

 - 125-175 words

“Get to Know” Box
 - A quote or interesting fact (up to 40 words)
 - Headshot photo @300 dpi
 - Name and title of the featured person
 - Local and toll-free phone numbers
 - E-mail, website, and URL

“Hot Topics” Box
 - Choose from these suggested topics or send us some of your own
    • Top Sports Spots
    • Hot Restaurants or Bars
    • Top Entertainment Spots
    • Family Fun Options
    • Unique Places to See or Visit
 - Include 1 picture and up to 200 words of text, or
 - Include 2 pictures and up to 175 words of text.