Demo-Cast Live!

Simply put, a Demo-Cast is a live virtual presentation in a webinar format, like your own teleconference with Veterinary Practice News subscribers interested in learning about your products. This interactive presentation enables you to present your products as if you are in front of a large group of prospects at a trade show, and to answer their questions in real time!

Each Demo-Cast package includes:

• A 3-week Marketing program (shared email broadcasts, weekly newsletter, and via social media announcements) to promote your event and build registration

• Set-up and delivery support of your 10 to 20-minute presentation

• A 5-minute Q & A session with attendees

• The full registrant list as qualified leads following the Demo-Cast

• Your Demo-Cast archived on our site for a one-year period

All you need to do is present, and we'll do the rest! We’ll even perform a dry run with you one week prior to ensure seamless delivery on the day of your Demo-Cast.

Price: $5,750

Add the edited MP4 file: $750*


• Company logo

• Name and image of the product you are presenting

• A brief description of the product (150 words)

• Seed questions you want to answer about the product (1 or 2)

• Headshots, names and titles of those presenting

* Kenilworth Media Inc., publishers of Veterinary Practice News, will provide clients with a link to the recorded Demo-Cast at no‑charge. An MP4 recording of the Demo-Cast is also available to customers for an additional fee of $750, plus applicable taxes. This fee includes an Official Release allowing customers to re-use and re-purpose the video in an unaltered fashion for both internal and/or external non-promotional or promotional purposes. As such, the Demo-Cast may only be used “as is” and may not be edited through additions or deletions to the original version of any kind, with the exception of any length excerpt(s) taken from the original, as long as these excerpts are not altered in any way or used to misrepresent or otherwise mislead viewers as to what was shown and said in the original Demo-Cast.

Lower digital rates may apply. Speak to your Account Manager for details.