Veterinary Practice News

High impact digital ad formats are well known for driving higher response than standard display and feature large real estate and interactive features which produce higher engagement, brand interaction and ultimately, clicks. Veterinary Practice News prides itself on being on the leading edge of digital product innovation. Here is a sample of just some of the most popular High Impact Ad units available:

1. Wallpaper with adhesion: $2,945/week
Left and right panels sized 300 x 1000 pixels remain on screen when user scrolls. X

2. Anchored expandable: $3,500/week
Banner anchored at bottom of screen, expands to full-screen on reader tap. Remains open until closed by reader. X

3. Pushdown Ad Unit: $4,705/month
Ad unit expands from 970 x 90 pixels to 970 x 415 pixels upon entry to site. X

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