We pride ourselves on being able to deliver better digital options for your marketing programs.

These online High Impact ad units produce superior results than standard ad sizes, providing you with:

• larger, interactive image area

• a more dynamic viewer experience

• stronger engagement

• higher brand interaction

• MORE clicks

1. Wallpaper: $3,560/week
Sticky image taking up the entire site background (1920 x 1080 pixels) with 200 x 625 pixel live areas on either side of the site content. Download mechanical specs.

2. Pushdown Ad Unit: $5,690/month
Ad unit expands from 970 x 90 pixels to 970 x 415 pixels upon entry to site.

3. Mobile Anchored large banner: $4,230/week
Banner (320 x 100 pixels) anchored at bottom of screen. Remains visible until closed by reader.

4. Mobile Revealer: $3,000/week
Banner (300 x 600 pixels) that is revealed between content when scrolling on a mobile device.

5. Mobile Welcome: $4,500/week
Banner (300 x 250 pixels) that pops up shortly after a mobile visitor loads the site.