Construction Canada

E-broadcasts are effective in generating leads and driving traffic to your website. Sent under the trusted banner of Construction Canada, your custom e-broadcast reaches an active and engaged audience of decision-makers instantly, offering immediate results. Construction Canada’s subscriber list is 100% compliant with Canadian anti-spam legislation.


Reach: 20,000* recipients

Rate: $3,255


Lead generation programs are now available on all custom email broadcasts!


Non-Qualified Lead Option:
After sending your broadcast, you have the option to purchase the list of recipients who clicked your email! This lead report will provide the name, company, mailing address and phone numbers of each recipient who engaged with your email (where provided by the subscriber).


Rate: $1,515


Qualified Lead Option:
Send a remarketing email to subscribers who clicked your e-broadcast to generate a list of qualified leads –recipients who specifically requested more information from your company.


Rate: $1,515



HTML, including embedded hyperlink(s) and image(s), subject line, list seeds. Maximum width of 750 pixels, no height restriction.


*Data Source: Publisher’s own data

Lower digital rates may apply. Speak to your Account Manager for details.