Each month, Construction Canada publishes a special focus e‑book on our most sought-after topics, curated by our editorial staff and e‑mailed to more than 20,000 recipients.* Architects and specifiers with a specific interest in solutions within your area of expertise will be reading this e-book. Secure your exclusive sponsorship** and be seen as the leader in your market segment. Each e-book is promoted via:

1. E-broadcast notification

2. Home page placement

3. Newsletter

4. E-book page monthly feature

5. Social Media (Twitter)

Rate: $13,195

“Best-of” series and “Custom” E-books are available on a variety of topics. Speak to your account manager for details.


• Up to five ads:

   • Half page: 5.6” x 7” @ 300dpi

   • Full page: 11.2” x 7” @ 300dpi

   • No bleed required

• Company Logo (Minimum 2” x 1” @ 300dpi)


*Data Source: Publisher’s own data.

**Each E-book is exclusive to one advertiser and subject to availability.

Lower digital rates may apply. Speak to your Account Manager for details.